Saturday, July 6, 2013

Real Zombie Washes Up On US Virgin Island Beach

No we don't think it was a publicity stunt. On Friday morning July 5th, 2013 a real Zombie washed up on the beach in the US Virgin Islands. It is being reported that it was at one time a real live breathing human but that when it washed ashore on Friday on a U.S. Virgin Island Beach it was still alive and missing all its skin.

The local police observed it attempt to attack paramedics who had tried to check out what at first was thought to be a deceased body. When it did not stop or die when it was shot the local police feared they had a real zombie attack going on. One officier ran from the scene when he saw what was going on.

A man from the United States mainland took the pistol that had been thrown down by the police officier who ran away and fired several shots into the head of the zombie killing it on the beach. He kicked its head away from its body and told the crowd that had gathered that its dead now.

U.S. Army officiers arrived on the beach a few minutes later and ordered people back away from the zombie. They made everyone move away and would not let anyone near the body laying on the beach.

The body was later taken away by U.S. Army medical staff but no one knows where they took the body to.

It was later revealed by people who had seen the body up close that it had very little skin and that when it first washed up on the beach it was still like a dead body would be. They said it was only after people gathered on the beach and started looking at the body everyone assumed to be dead that it woke up and started snarling and tried its best to attack several people there on the beach. It was then that the local police shot the supposed zombie several times but it did not die. It only got louder and snarled at the men who were shooting at it.

A man later identified as a man from the U.S. mainland picked up a gun a local policeman had thrown down and shot the snarling zombie several times in the head killing it. He also kicked the head loose from the body.

Several people on the beach said that they had never smelled anything that smelled that bad. Several people thought that the whole thing was a publicity stunt but the local police say that no it was a real incident.

It was at about this time that the U.S. Army showed up and took custody of the zombie body and the scene. They also took into custody the man who shot the zombie. The U.S. Army refused to make any statement about the incident.

If we hear or learn anything else about this incident we will be sure to come back and post it here.

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