Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aliens And UFO's, UFO Abduction Of Baby Orca Whale

A baby Orca Killer Whale has been found on the side of a mountain in Ireland. It is at least 500 yards to the nearest dirt road and over three miles inland off the Donegal coastline in Ireland. Some local men came upon the baby Orca whale laying up on the side of a mountain and it appeared the estimated 1800 pound whale had been dropped on its head. It was still alive and in distress when the men found it. It died shortly after they discovered it. How did a Killer Whale get up on the side of a mountain in Ireland three miles inland from the coast.

Local police who investigated the incident say that there were no type of tire tracks or human tracks anywhere near the baby Orca Whale even though it had been raining in the area for several days.

However several people who live in the area told of seeing strange orbs of light up in the air over the mountain for several nights in a row before the young whale was discovered laying up on the side of the mountain.

The local police constable said he believed that the whale was dropped from the air on its head and he said that you can see in the picture where it originally hit when it was dropped from the air.

Some of the local people including the constable think a UFO dropped the whale on the side of the mountain. If so what was the UFO doing with the baby Orca Killer Whale. Was it a accident that it dropped the whale.

People in the area say that UFO's are often spotted up in the area over the mountain and one man said he watched a couple of years ago as a beam of light picked up three of his sheep and pulled them up into a UFO and into a opening in the bottom of the UFO.

We don't know if a UFO dropped the whale up on the mountain. But we do know the whale didn't get up on the side of that mountain by its self. Whales can't travel inland three miles over land. So someone helped the whale up on the side of the mountain. Maybe just maybe the whale was abducted by a UFO and it was accidently dropped.

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