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UFOTV Presents : CROP CIRCLES - Hyperspace Gateways

If your really interested in UFO's And Other Types Of Activity Be Sure To Check Out The Below Sites.

UFO Videos, UFO Photos And All Kinds Of Great Information About UFO's.

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Do UFO's Exist? Do You Believe?

America's Mysteries-Pilot Shot Down By UFO Over Ft Knox

Aliens , Greys , UFO's Do They Or Don't They Exist

The Above Links Each Go To A Page With That Particular Title.

I hope you'll choose to check out those links and see what I've been able to find out about UFO's, Aliens, And Greys. Do you believe? I do. I really believe that the U.S. Government is covering up the fact that a real UFO crashed at Roswell New Mexico in 1947 and there were alien bodies there at the crash. Yes I really do believe there was a real UFO crash.

As far as crop circles I believe that yes some are a hoax but there are real ones out there to. I have seen some that I believe were real and I believe they were created by some type of UFO activity. Why UFO's create crop circles I don't know but I do believe that some UFO's are creating crop circles here on earth.

My Own UFO Story

I and a friend of mine saw a underwater UFO just off the end of Folly Beach Island South Carolina while fishing there one night. And no I'm not making this up. As we set there fishing we noticed colored lights under the water out in a secluded area of Charleston Harbor near the old Morris Island Lighthouse.

We watched the lights move around a bit under the water and then as we set there and watched the craft rose up out of the water out from us and we clearly heard the water run off the craft as the craft came up out of the water. The craft at one time was about 300 foot above us and it set there for a minute or so before it flew off to the right and out to sea. It moved faster than anything we have as far as aircraft here on earth.

Fifteen minutes or so it returned followed by another craft and both of the craft went down into the harbor and under the water. We saw their multi colored lights for a few more minutes and then they were gone. It was truly one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my life. After that I knew for a fact that UFO's are real. There is no way that it was any type of craft or airplane from this earth. No way at all. And I truly did see it.

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