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Resurrection Mary Is Still Looking For A Ride

Hitchhiker Ghost Terrorizing Illinois Community

Many people believe that the woman known as Resurrection Mary is in fact a young woman named Anna Norcus, who died while on her way home from a dance in a automobile crash.

Men who are with in 30-40 miles of Resurrection Cemetery are often flagged down by a cute young woman dressed like she is out for a night out on the town and when they get near Resurrection Cemetery she either vanishes or if they stop the car she jumps out of the car and runs into the cemetery to her grave where she was buried in 1927.

Below is the newspaper clipping from the actual accident.

Newspaper Story Of Resurrection Mary

Above Is The Main Gate To Resurrection Cemetery

Resurrection Mary is a very popular Chicago area ghost story that has been going on since the woman was killed while on the way home from a dance in 1927.

Now its true that anyone could make up a ghost story but this ghost story has been going on since 1927 and its not one person that has picked the woman up some where down the road but many people. It is almost always a single man who picks up Mary sometimes as far as thirty to forty miles from the cemetery. She is almost always described as a young woman dressed for a evening out dancing complete with dancing shoes and a white fox fur wrap. She is almost always described as having pretty blonde hair.

1927 Ford Roadster Just Like Mary Was Killed In When She Was Thrown From The Car

image hosted by

When a man picks Mary up he doesn't notice anything wrong. It is only when the man drives his car near Resurrection Cemetery that he discovers something is very wrong. The young woman will say here, right here, and she will jump out of the car and run into the cemetery. Some men have tried to follow her but they can't keep up with her. If the man doesn't stop when Mary says to their car just stops running and Mary still gets out.

The local police have received over a hundred reports of the young woman jumping out of a car and running into the cemetery. And this is in just the last twenty five years or so. No one knows how many times it has been reported from 1927 until now.

The Willowbrook Ballroom in Willow Springs, Illinois

The above photo is of the Willowbrook Ballroom that in 1927 was the Oh Henry Ballroom where Mary went dancing the night she was killed.

Some people over the years have tried to say Resurrection Mary is not Anna Norcus but many men over the years have told the story that the woman that was in their car was Anna Norcus and that was what she told them her name was.

If the men were telling the truth and their is no reason to think they were not then it is most likely Anna Norcus. Men were reporting her name before the days of the internet so it not likely that they could have had the right name. So maybe just maybe it is Anna.

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