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UFO Crashes , Sightings, Cover Ups, Why?

The USCG Salem Coast Guard Station, Massachusetts USA, 16-July-1952 Incident.

On JULY 16, 1952 - At 09:35 A.M., the witness, Shell Alpert, took a photograph of four roughly elliptical blobs of light in formation through the window of his photographic laboratory. Alpert was a Coast Guard seaman assigned to Coast Guard Air Station Salem. This photo has appeared numerous times in the Salem (MA) Evening News. Finally, the case was considered "unexplained" by Project Blue Book.

It is almost certain that these craft were not from earth and they were seen by many people. These craft were flying in formation and they were photographed.

UFO Crash and Retrieval in Missouri, 1941

One of the most mysterious stories of a crashed UFO with alien bodies preceded the well know Roswell events by some six years. Reverend William Huffman was summoned to pray over alien crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941. He was shown three victims, not human as expected, but small alien bodies with large eyes, hardly a mouth or ears, and hairless.

I had not until recently even heard of this UFO crash. I find it really interesting that these stories keep leaking out. I'm convinced that the US Government has seized UFO's and alien bodies several times in history. I really believe that the Government has been doing these cover ups for many years.

My Folly Beach UFO Sighting

In the above photo is the old Folly Beach Coast Guard Station. It is gone now and nothing remains but foundations of the old buildings.

I have seen a craft that I knew did not come from this earth. In 1999 while fishing near the old coast guard station on Folly Beach South Carolina I and a friend observed a underwater UFO moving around under water about 40 - 50 yards out from where we were fishing off the side of the bank at the edge of Charleston Harbor. We saw red, yellow and blue lights under the water and when the craft came up out of the water we heard water run off the craft into the water.

The craft went up in the air over our heads and I and my friend saw red,yellow and blue lights running around it and it hovered up in the air over us for a minute or so and then shot out to sea towards the east away from Charleston S.C. and out to sea. A few minutes later two craft returned and went back under water about 200 yards out from us and vanished.

We sat there another 40 minutes and then we left and went home. We returned there the next two nights with a camera and camcorder but we saw nothing. I know that the crafts we saw did not come from this earth. But I do know that something intelligent was flying those crafts.

The Aurora, Texas, UFO incident is a UFO incident that reportedly occurred on April 17, 1897, in Aurora, Texas, a small town in the northwest corner of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. The incident (similar to the more famous Roswell UFO incident 50 years later) reportedly resulted in a fatality from the crash. The alleged alien body is reportedly buried in an unmarked grave at the local cemetery.

During the 1896–1897 timeframe (some six or seven years before the Wright Brothers' first flight), numerous sightings of a cigar-shaped mystery airship were reported across the United States.

One of these accounts appeared in the April 19, 1897, edition of the Dallas Morning News. Written by Aurora resident S.E. Haydon, the alleged UFO is said to have hit a windmill on the property of a Judge J.S. Proctor two days earlier at around 6am local (Central) time, resulting in its crash. The pilot (who was reported to be "not of this world", and a "Martian" according to a reported Army officer from nearby Fort Worth) did not survive the crash, and was buried "with Christian rites" at the nearby Aurora Cemetery. (The cemetery contains a Texas Historical Commission marker mentioning the incident.

Reportedly, wreckage from the crash site was dumped into a nearby well located under the damaged windmill, while some ended up with the alien in the grave. Adding to the mystery was the story of Mr. Brawley Oates, who purchased Judge Proctor's property around 1945. Oates cleaned out the debris from the well in order to use it as a water source, but later developed an extremely severe case of arthritis, which he claimed to be the result of contaminated water from the wreckage dumped into the well. As a result, Oates sealed up the well with a concrete slab and placed an outbuilding atop the slab. (According to writing on the slab, this was done in 1957.)

These are incidents of UFO crashes and sightings that not many people know about. How many more are there like this. There is something out there and the U.S. Government knows it. As Mulder used to say on the X Files, The Truth Is Out There.

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