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The Ghost And Teasure Of Captain Kidd

In Search of Captain Kidd

Captain William Kidd was born on January 22, 1645 and he was executed for being a pirate on May 23, 1701. Many people think that Captain Kidd was only a privateer and was never a pirate. Watch the video below and it will tell you all about Captain William Kidd. The question is was William Kidd a pirate or a privateer.

Captain Kidd: Pirate or Privateer?

The Money Pit Mystery (aka Captain Kidd)Is This Where Captain Kidd Hid His Treasure

Many people over the years have claimed to see Captain William Kidd in the area of the River Thames.

It was right near Execution Dock that Captain William Kidd met his ultimate fate. He was there on a cart with three other men who had also been convicted of piracy. When the cart they were standing in pulled forward the other three men fell to the end of the rope and died. However the rope of Captain Kidd broke and he fell down into the mud and rocks. He was seized at once and dragged back up on the cart. His hanging went fine this time and it is reported that Captain Kidd told his executioners that he would haunt the area until it was proven that he was innocent. It has now come out that Captain Kidd was most likely innocent of the crime of piracy but he was hung for it.

And then his body was hung in chains like in the photo above and he hung there wrapped in the chains while the birds picked the flesh from his bones. At one point his body was taken down and he was covered in tar and hung back up. It is said that when the tar was poured over his body that Captain Kidd first groaned and then spoke cursing the people applying the tar and telling them that they would wander in hell for all of eternity. It is interesting to note here that he had been hanging in chains and had been dead for months when his body was covered with the tar to stop the birds from eating him.

It is known that the tar covered body of Captain William Kidd hung in the iron cage and wrapped in chains for a number of years. The tar had been applied so well that it kept Captain Kidd's rotting corpse hanging there for years at Tilbury Point.

Many people near where Captain Kidd's body hung in the iron cage and wrapped in chains have often told of seeing a body hanging there almost in the same place where Captain Kidd once hung. Other people have told of hearing ghostly screams and laughter come from the body they see hanging there in the iron cage and chains.

In the photo above is a painting of Captain Kidd on his ship having a party in New York Harbor.

Captain Kidd's Ghost Is Also Seen In New York City and on Oak Island where the money pit that many people believe Kidd and his men built is still there today and if it contains the treasure of Captain Kidd no one has ever been able to recover the treasure. Many men have been killed trying to recover the treasure from the money pit.

WISH TV Coverage of Kidd Shipwreck Discovery

Do you believe that Captain Kidd's ghost is still around haunting the places where he lived when he was alive.

It has been reported for a hundred years or more that the ghost of Captain Kidd has been seen often walking along the water front still dressed as he would have dressed back when he once lived in New York City. He has even spoken to some people and said good morning to them and then he vanishes in the next second. People who have seen the ghost and drawings of Captain William Kidd that it is indeed the ghost of Captain William Kidd.

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