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Ghost Photos, Real Ghost Photos To Enjoy

People sometimes take pictures of ghosts with out meaning to. In the below photo a lady was taking a photo of her husband outside a museum in Amsterdam when she captured what appears to be the picture of a little girl ghost standing up there on the balcony. Yes people really do take photos of ghosts all the time with out meaning to.

Little Girl Ghost Photo Taken In Amsterdam

We circled the photo of the little girl ghost. I really do think it is a little girl though I could possibly be wrong. It amazes me how many people take photos of ghosts with out meaning to yet people still deny the existence of ghosts.

Hospital Ghost

You can click on the above photo and see the ghost where we have circled it on the photo. I think this is the ghost of a man. Have you ever heard the story that something comes for us when we die. You need to CLICK HERE and check out the full story Of Something Comes For Us When We Die. Nurses and doctors have told for years of seeing strange things in hospitals that can't be explained. You need to check out this story.

Silver Queen Ghost Photo

The lady that sent this photo in said her brother took the photo. In the photo it is very plain that it is a female ghost in the kind of dress that would have been worn in the late 1800's. Be sure to click this photo and check it out closely.

Silver Queen Hotel Ghost Photo

"My brother took this photo in Virginia City, Nevada when we were on a trip. It's in the hallway of the Silver Queen Hotel. It was built around 1860. When he took the picture, I was behind him, and the hallway was empty. After we saw the picture, we went back two times, but without any luck. At the time he took that picture, we didn't know the hotel was haunted." Close-up & enhanced imige of the lady in the hallway. It is definitely a woman in period dress.

Apparition at Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles

The Linda Vista Hospital is a really spooky place and is said to be haunted by many people who died there in the hospital. A lot of people see Shadow People here. Have you ever seen a Shadow Person. CLICK HERE to check out a lot of information about Shadow People.

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Ghost Of A Woman In This Photo

A woman can be seen very clearly in the above photo. This photo has not been tampered with and you can see the woman in the photo very clearly. She has a scarf tied on her head. How people can not believe in ghosts when people all over the world continue to send in photos they have taken of ghostly figures all over the world.

Ghostly Image In Lemp Mansion

Lemp Mansion is a notoriously haunted house that was built in the 1860s in St. Louis, Missouri. The Lemp family has been plagued with shocking tragedies, especially a string of suicides that took place in the home. Could one or more of the the Lemp family still walk about the old home, still suffering from the demise of the family’s brewery business? This ghost picture might be evidence of the Lemp Mansion’s haunting visitors.

Old Picture Of A Ghost And Possibly An Evil Entity

This is a picture of my nan and uncle taken in the 1930s, says Simon. If you look to the right of them in the wooden shed, there is a man in a top hat holding something, and to his left a really evil-looking entity. My nan would never let anyone see this picture whilst she was alive. Also, when my uncle was a teenager he apparently found a skeleton under some slabs in the grounds of the house. What happened then I have no idea. The picture is 100% genuine and has just come to light in our family.

Ghosts In A Chicago Firehouse

A reader writes: “What do you think about the images in the driver and passenger seats? This was taken Friday, October 11th 2013 at roughly 11 p.m. or lil later.” Update! When I asked if the firehouse had a resident ghost or if the area was supposed to be haunted he responded with this: “I’m pretty sure my firehouse has the most in the line of duty deaths of any firehouse in Chicago. Also, the alley behind the firehouse is on a Chicago ghost tour. It is where all the public hangings took place

Chicago Is One Of America's Most Haunted Cities

Chicago with its rich history including Murders , Mafia Executions , Indian Massacres , Civil War Prison Camps and much more claims to have more ghosts than any other American city. And it just may be true. Ghosts are said to appear more often where tragic deaths have occurred and Chicago has had its share of tragic deaths.

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Alabama Is One Of America's Most Haunted States

Adams Grove Presbyterian Church in Dallas County. This church is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Alabama. When I was at the church a few years ago we heard a baby crying inside the church but we could never find the baby that was crying. Many people over the years have reported hearing the crying baby. I heard the baby crying and I know it was real.

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Girl Ghost Looking Out Window Of Oldest School House St Augustine Florida

If you look in the enlarged photo of the one window in the above photo you can clearly see the ghostly image of a young girl looking out the window. Many people over the years have reported seeing the ghostly image of the young woman looking out the window. St Augustine Florida is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States.

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I hope you'll check out the above ghost photos carefully. I've carefully examined these ghost pictures and I believe that they contain photos of ghostss. Check them out and see what you think.

How to Spot Real Paranormal Activity in a House

You may or may not believe in it but there are people who really do experience real paranormal activity in their home. I have lived in several haunted houses including the house I now live in and once you ever experience seeing real paranormal activity or a ghost it will be the most amazing experience of your life. If you think your experiencing real paranormal activity in your house there are things you can do to confirm what iss going on in your house.


The first step you can take to spot real paranormal activity in a house is to look for cold spots. Many people who live in haunted houses report areas of unexplained coldness or cold spots in their homes. If you have one of these areas, look around to make sure that it is just not a draft coming from a window or door. If you cannot find an explanation for the cold spot, you could have some paranormal activity going on. If you discover that it is just a leaky window, at least you can fix it and save on your energy bills.

Next, try taking a look at your photographs for real paranormal activity. Do you have strange images that show up in them that you cannot explain such as orbs, lights, or images of people? Try to recreate the picture. Some orbs can be explained away as dust. To be positive, make sure that your camera lens and flash are clean. Did you see a strange light or image? Make sure that it is not light reflecting off of a mirror or picture frame.

Did you ever think that you heard or saw something that was not there? Do you think you've seen objects move on there own or walk into a room to find a chair a few feet from where you know you left it? If it happens about the same time every day, try setting up a tape recorder or voice recorder. Many people trying to spot true paranormal activity in their house have done this and were shocked to hear voices or see images on recordings.

Find out the history of the house. If something tragic happened in or around your home, it might be ripe for paranormal activity. A lot of homes in the South are haunted by Civil War ghosts. They report soldiers showing up in photographs and sounds of battle or singing in the night.

Have you actually seen a ghost? This is real paranormal activity that cannot be explained by anything else. Ask other family members if they have seen the same thing. My mother was shocked to find out that two of my brothers have seen the same man wearing a brown suit in our home after she finally saw him herself one night. We found out that a previous owner had died of a heart attack in the kitchen one morning... wearing his brown suit for work.

Tips & Warnings

If you really think that something paranormal is going on, don't be scared to ask a family member if they are experiencing the same thing.

When listening to a voice recorder, make sure that it is on high volume. That is usually the only way to hear paranormal activity.

My Own Ghost Story, The Night The Ghost Got In

In the summer of 2001 I and my girlfriend were living in a garage apartment in a small South Carolina town called Newberry. Before that summer was over we had experienced some of the strangest paranormal activity we had ever experienced and my girl friend was attacked by a ghost. In the photo just above you can see one of the graves from the Boundary Street Cemetery. I think the ghost or spirit that attacked my girlfriend came from this cemetery.

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