Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Couple Attacked While Watching Brown Mountain Lights

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It has happened. A UFO has attacked a couple while they were watching the Brown Mountain Lights. Last Friday night which was September 6th 2013 a Greenville South Carolina couple were parked at a pull off over looking an area where people watch the Brown Mountain Lights. They saw a UFO come over the ridge across from them and it almost at once started attacking their car.

The couple said the UFO kept coming and it kept hitting their car over and over breaking the rear windows out of the vehicle and badly damaging the car. At one point the UFO was holding the car down as the man tried to back up and drive away. The car was eventually damaged to the point to where the car could not be driven.

Local sheriffs deputy Owen Scruggs said he had never seen any thing like this in his life. He said the car was badly damaged in an attack from above. He said the Sheriffs Department had tried to take paint samples off the car to see if another vehicle caused the damage in some way but that the black ford mustang had no paint on it but deep scratches and dents.

He the deputy said it was like the car was beaten with a giant hammer from above. The cars rear windows had been beaten out and the rear of the car had been beaten down until the cars rear wheels would not turn. The vehicle had to be towed to the impound yard.

Click Photo For Full Sized Photo. You Must Click Photo To See All Of The Photo

Click Photo For Full Sized Photo. You Must Click Photo To See All Of The Photo

We were able to ask Deputy Scruggs a few questions. That is our group in the corner. A member of our group was able to snap the photo. Deputy Scruggs really didn't want to be on camera. The man in white in the corner is a cook from the Diner named Harold who says he has seen UFO's in the area many times over the years. He claims he was chased by a UFO one night last March.

Deputy Scruggs told us that the local Sherrifs Office had been called out to the same exact location where the UFO attack on the car happened many times over the years but that nothing had ever happened like happened on Friday night. The location is known as Wisemans View on Highway 105 near Morganton.

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Red lights are often seen at that location said Deputy Scruggs but nothing has ever happened like on Friday night. Scruggs told us that usually people see an orange light or two up over the area and that's about it. But on Friday night something was different. Deputy Scruggs said that their was extensive damage to the car which was a ford mustang. He said it was clear that something attacked the car from above doing extensive damage to the car.

It's interesting to note here that while we were talking to Deputy Scruggs that someone called him on the phone and ordered him away from our group in the corner in the photo. It is when he is leaving our group there that that another member of our group took the photo.

We attempted to get a photo of the car that was attacked but Deputy Scruggs had told us that the car was taken away by a flatbed and men from the FBI in a big black suburban on Monday after the car was attacked. He said the men covered the car up and tied the tarp down on the car. He said they then drove away and he does not know where they took the car. Why did the FBI get involved in this alleged UFO attack. Are they trying to cover up the story. Why did the FBI take the car. Are they going to try to do tests on the car. I promise you that we will keep digging and try to find out what did happen on that Friday night up at Wiseman's View.

The Burke County Sheriffs Department now won't talk about the incident. One time when they were called they denied even knowing about the incident. But we saw the car in the impound yard on Sunday. It was there. It was covered up with a tarp on Sunday afternoon.

We wonder who called Deputy Scruggs and told him to get away from us. He told us that he had been told to stop talking to us but would not say who was on the phone. Scruggs didn't call anyone while we were talking to him before he received the call so someone in the diner called someone. Scruggs looked scared when he was backing away from us and leaving. As you can see in the photo.

Why did the FBI get invlved in this story and take the car away? What are they trying to cover up. We will keep trying to find out more about this story for you.

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