Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Arizona Haunted Places

The Bird Cage Theater above is one of the most haunted places in Arizona. For those of you who don't know the Bird Cage Theater was a combination theater,saloon, brothel, and gambling joint.

It operated from 1881- 1889 during the height of the silver boom.

The Bird Cage Theatre was opened on December 26, 1881, by William "Billy" Hutchinson and his wife Lottie. Its name apparently referred to the fourteen "cages" or boxes that were situated on two balconies on either side of the main central hall. These boxes, also referred to as "cribs", had drapes that could be drawn while prostitutes entertained their clients. The main hall contained a stage and orchestra pit at one end where live shows were performed.

Doc Holiday himself hung out at The Birdcage Theater. It was there at the Bird Cage Theater that Doc Holiday had his first dispute and confrontation with Johnny Ringo. Both men would later become famous for the part they played at the O.K. Corral. Both men are reported to haunt The Birdcage Theater. It was one of Doc's favorite places. He often dealt Faro there. People claim to see Doc setting back in the corner where he used to set when he was alive. Doc always set with his back to the wall.

Other famous ghosts reported to show up at, The Birdcage Theater is Wyatt Earp, Big Nose Kate, and Morgan Earp.

Above is a copy of a real portrait of Wyatt Earp who was the best friend Doc Holiday ever had. Wyatt and Doc are still seen walking down the streets of Tombstone.

So many bad things happened in Tombstone Arizona that its no surprise that the town of Tombstone is supposed to be one of America's most haunted places.

Copper Queen Hotel

The Copper Queen in Bisbee Arizona is said to be haunted by various ghosts of people and also by a large yellow cat. Guests over the years have told hotel staff to please ask the maid not to let the cat into their room again. There is no large yellow cat at the Hotel. People also tell of a man staggering down the hall with his throat cut. No one knows who he is but he has been seen by many people for years. People also claim that doors open and close on their own and people knock on hotel guests room doors but no one is there when the door is opened.

Gadsden Hotel,

Gadsden Hotel in Douglas. It is reportedly haunted by a few specters, including a cowboy, and two "shoppers". This place is also home to a few stories, such as those of a woman being pinned to her bed, another having her hair pulled, and yet another having someone lay down next to her in bed. The ghosts do appear to be busy in and around this hotel.

Lee Williams High School in Kingman. Part of the football field lies atop the old Pioneer Cemetery. Women in prairie gowns and men wearing suits from the 19th Century have reportedly been sighted during outdoor graduation ceremonies.

Monte Vista Hotel in Flagstaff is reputed to be haunted. A phantom bellboy is said to knock on the door of room 210 and announce "room service." John Wayne reported seeing a ghost in his room while staying at the hotel in the early 1950s

Vulture Mine in Wickenburg. It is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of prostitutes in the bordello, children in the school house and silver miners that were killed in this area.

And there you have the more popular haunted places in Arizona.

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