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UFO Houston Texas , Hot Bed Of UFO Activity

UFO Houston Texas

Here is a video of a UFO filmed in Houston Texas that I think is one of the best videos ever of a UFO. This video is clearly not computer generated. It is way to long for that. And if you watch the man in the video I think he is seeing something that he is not in on. So no I don't think its a hoax.

The first thing a lot of people say is hoax but I say that this video is not a hoax. There is no way this man could have created a hoax video here. I think it is a real UFO.

I saw this video for the first time this morning. A friend sent me a link to it and I posted the video here for everyone to see.

Notice that as the video proceeds that the UFO does seem to change shape. But there are no sounds from the UFO.

Fire ball, UFO sighting reported outside Houston Liberty County Sheriff's Department looks for source of objects

Authorities said a dispatcher received a call from a concerned citizen at 8:27 p.m. The citizen reported seeing "red fire balls in the sky" traveling in a south-west direction from the area of Daisetta in East Liberty County.

Two deputies responded to the call at 8:31p.m. and said they observed four orange-colored lights traveling in the reported direction at an estimated altitude of 3000 feet.

Above Is A Trio Of The Lights

There were at least 10 to 12 other citizens on the scene that were observing the same sightings, deputies said.

The deputies reported the lights were in a "loose line" that appeared to be about 10 miles apart from the front light to the last light in the line and moving rather slowly.

After a few seconds, three of the objects disappeared and shortly thereafter the fourth one disappeared, deputies said.

As quickly as the last of the four lights disappeared, eight to 10 other orange objects appeared in about the same location, began traveling in the same direction, and formed the same loose line as before.

The entire viewing after the deputies' arrival lasted about a minute and a half before the remaining eight to 10 objects also disappeared. The deputies said they thought it was possible the objects went behind clouds and were no longer visible

In search of an explanation, the department made several calls to various agencies

The Houston office of the FAA was contacted, but they were unable to shed any light on the sighting. They referred the department spokesman to Houston Tracon, who also had no reports or information

The Regional Operations Center in Ft. Worth was contacted and their report was also negative.

They suggested contacting the National Weather Bureau for any weather balloons they may have launched and this was done with negative results as well.

The Houston Weather Bureau reported they release two weather balloons per day, but the time, location and large number of balloons reported is not consistent with their work.

Deputies said the wind direction at 3000' was reported to be from the north, which would make any balloon-type object drift in a south-west direction.But the objects were moving to the north. Which would be against the wind.

Flash Over Houston Leads To Double UFO Sighting

Witnesses from SE Texas and Louisiana report seeing a blue-green flash over Texas skies Friday morning. But, was it a meteor or something else?

Harker Heights

image hosted by

Three eyewitnesses spotted a color changing, cigar-shaped UFO last Sunday night just southeast of Killeen. A described “believer” went outside to call in his dog around 8 p.m., when he noticed the bright, neon blue craft hovering stationary in the sky. Over the next hour, they watched as it morphed into a solid, bright red object which moved fluidly vertically and horizontally. Around 9 p.m. the craft shot straight up into the sky and then dived back down as it changed color back to blue.

One man snapped the photo above which shows a formation of UFO's. Where are all these UFO's over Texas coming from and why are so many being seen in the area now. What is going on.


A person reported sighting a flash of light in the sky last Saturday afternoon which eventually resulted in the appearance of two UFOs. One craft, which is described as having “reflective” qualities, was seen hovering in the same area as the flash for about four minutes, before it ejected a smaller, reflective object which ascended evenly with the original. The smaller object then zoomed westward and disappeared. The larger UFO zoomed east.

The eyewitness said they viewed the event through their binoculars while smoking outside. The craft had “a Yellow (sic) ‘prism’ type effect,” and was passed by a Southwest Airlines plane and another unknown jet during the six-minute sighting.

Is Houston Texas A Hot Bed Of UFO Activity

It would appear that at least recently that Houston Texas has been a hot bed of UFO activity. Is there some reason that there has been so much recent UFO activity over and around Houston Texas.

My Sighting Of Underwater UFO Near Charleston South Carolina

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In 1999 I was living at Folly Beach South Carolina which is a island just south of Charleston South Carolina. It was there that I and a friend saw at least two underwater UFO's and they put on quite a spectacular show for us. It was one of the most amazing things I ever saw in my life.


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