Sunday, August 18, 2013

Help I Have A Ghost In My House

So you think you have a ghost in your house. What do you do now? I've been researching paranormal activity and ghosts for over fifty plus years now. I know that ghosts exist. I just to hope to prove to the world that ghosts do exist.

Here I have put together a complete definitive guide for people to use if they think they have a ghost or paranormal activity going on in their house.

Yes I know your scared as hell especially if you've never believed in ghosts and then suddenly one day you discover that ghosts really do exist. I will tell you that in over fifty years of research into ghosts and paranormal activity that I have recieved only two small scratches from a ghost and I have been pushed very hard. A friend of mine was pushed and I saw the hand prints on her chest.

Most ghosts are never going to hurt you. They will scare the hell out of you but most likely that's all that is ever going to happen.


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