Monday, June 4, 2012

South Carolina Ghosts, The Hound Of Goshen

Have you ever heard of the Hound Of Goshen? If you find yourself in the vicinity of old Buncombe Road in the area of Ebenezer Church Cemetery you may get lucky and see the Hound Of Goshen.

The ghost of the dog that is often seen running down the road is a large white dog the size of a St Bernard but not a St Bernard. People say the dog is most often seen after a thunderstorm. Some people have claimed to have seen the dog several times in the same night.

Many people down through the years say that you'll be driving along and no matter how fast your going the dog will be running along right beside you. One man said he was going eighty and the dog was running along beside him. I would have to say this is one hell of a spooky story.

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